On August 8, 1949, the first meeting of what was to eventually become the Orcas Island Sportsmen Club, then named: “The Poggie Club of Washington, Orcas Island Chapter” took place at Beach Haven Resort. At that time there were 134 sports groups organized throughout Washington, all of which were members of the Washington State Sportsmen’s Council, an organization dedicated to supporting legislation beneficial to the conservation of fish and wildlife. The Orcas chapter joined immediately in order to obtain voting rights along with the other 134 member clubs.

Ye Olde Clubhouse

At this first meeting, the 46 Charter members wasted no time in electing Ray Kimple, President; Bill McConnell, Vice President; Bill Kimple, Secretary-Treasurer; and three trustees who were Thad McGlinn, Vern Curtis and Bob Kimple. By the second meeting on August 15, 1949 Mitchell Snook was elected Game Warden and two committees were established to write bylaws, a constitution and design an emblem for the club. At the fourth meeting on September 16, 1949 six additional committees were established to address Farm Relations, Game Fish, Trap Shooting, Game and Game Birds, Membership and Entertainment. An on-going concern was up and operating on all cylinders. Subsequent minutes make it clear that the “Orcas Island Poggie Club,” as they referred to themselves by November 1949, became involved in myriad activities including hunter safety, a salmon derby, deer counts, seeding ground, planting clover, sponsoring Boy Scouts and always providing funding to send several delegates to the quarterly meetings of the State Sportsmen’s Council where they were active in legislative affairs.

Inside the clubhouse

Inside the clubhouse


In 1953, the club changed its name to the Orcas Island Sportsmen Club. We are very proud of our predecessors and the visions they had for the future. We wish they could shoot with us on our various ranges, dine with our families in the clubhouse, and come to know that many of their ideals live on, having been built by succeeding generations of dedicated sportsmen. Though most of us will never know these men, we nevertheless thank them.