QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants for active membership must be 16 years of age or older and have an interest in common with the aims and purposes of the Club. Youths under the age of 16 may become members as determined on a case-by-case basis. 

APPLICATIONS: Applications for membership may be obtained by printing a downloadable copy from our website (Download Membership Application). Applicant is to mail the application and fee to the Club. Applicants will be advised accordingly and sent a membership card. 

REMOVALS: The Range Safety Officer or Range Master has the absolute authority to suspend the shooting privileges for individuals, whether members or guests, who do not conform to Operating Procedures of the Club. Such persons will be required to leave the grounds immediately. Their expulsion will be subject to review by the Executive Committee which has the authority to restore privileges or to invoke a permanent loss of privileges and membership. 

OISC Aims and Purposes

1. To promote camaraderie and good fellowship among our members while
emphasizing that all sport shooting, hunting and fishing be consistent with
the conservation of our natural resources.

2. To be as family oriented and all inclusive as possible.

3. To foster the education of our members and particularly of our youth in matters
of conservation, sportsmanship, marksmanship and the safe use of firearms.

4. To provide a local forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Want to Join? 

For further information, come visit us and pick up an application. Or if you prefer, included on this page is a downloadable application.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are due and payable on the first of January and cover the period from January-1st through December- 31st.  On March first, unpaid membership dues become delinquent and are subject to penalties as specified for reinstatement. 

Annual Membership Dues:

Less than 18 years of age;  65 years of age or older $25.00
Individuals $50.00
Couples $75.00
Families of 3 or more persons $95.00
Lifetime $500.00


Reinstatement Fee:
Members dropped from the Club Roster after March 1st  for delinquency in payment of dues may apply to be reinstated  by submitting a full year’s dues to the Treasurer.

Pro ration Fees:
After July 1st, new members will pay 50% of the full year’s dues. After November 1st, new members will have their dues for the remainder of the year waived and pay a full year’s dues. Pro ration does not apply to reinstatement or late renewal fees.